Cape Cod Regional Technical HS


       Wind Power Inverter and Dump Load  

The Cape Cod Regional Technical High School built this Renewable Energy Education Facility.  It includes: solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, and a wind turbine that is several hundred feet away.  Educational Data displays tie it all together.  During the school year students use the displays to learn about renewable energy and the related core subjects, such as math and computer skills, that will be so important as they grow to be citizens and members of the workforce.

In the summer the facility serves as a renewable energy museum / demonstration center for visitors to the Cape.  The data display facilitates the process of educating the public about the use and impact of the renewable energy systems.  The data display consists of a Heliotronics data acquisition system with touch screen kiosk with its video split to a wall mounted 42″ LCD display.  Real time software creates an entertaining and engaging user interface.  A web site provides historical data on the performance of the system on a daily monthly and annual basis.